Full Membership. Editors and previous editors of peer reviewed medical journals in Pakistan are eligible for membership. Editor is defined as: Editor-In-Chief, Deputy Editor, Associate Editor, Assistant Editor, Supplement and Managing Editors. Members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees. The leadership of the Association shall preferably be selected from Editors or previous Editors only. 

Associate membership. Others with responsibility for editing (e.g. technical or copy editors) or working on a peer-reviewed medical journal, or working in any branch of scientific communication, individuals representing scientific publications or publishing bodies in Pakistan, and scientists, researchers, academics and faculty members in Pakistan are eligible for associate membership.  Editorial board members will normally be eligible for associate membership unless they can show that they have full editorial duties. Associate members shall have all rights and privileges of other members except that they may not vote or hold office.

Honorary membership. Editors from outside Pakistan particularly from the WHO EMRO region may be honorary members. Honorary membership may also be offered to internationally distinguished leaders in the field of scientific publication, and those who have made a major contribution in this field. Honorary members should be nominated by two members with justification and approved by the Executive Council. Duration may range from three years to Emeritus status and shall be clearly specified.  

Admission to membership. Membership or Associate membership requires
1) completion of legible application form and
2) short CV.
All applications shall be approved by the Executive Council. Appeals against negative decisions may be made to the Executive Council where two-thirds majority of the Councilís membership is required to overrule the decision. Life membership and associate membership fee will be Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees five thousand only) and it will be for life. 

Termination of membership. Members wishing to resign from any category of membership should do so in writing to the Secretary General. Termination of membership for cause requires two-thirds vote of the Executive Council. If the disqualified member submits an apology or a satisfactory explanation to the President, his membership can be restored by the Executive Council with two third majority.

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